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Monthly Training Update - November 2023

Virtual meeting

We've had another busy month for training, here is just some of the feedback we have received:

"It was interesting to hear of different ways of communicating in a broader way than we would probably consider."

"Learning about issues other Cllrs face"

"The Parish Council examples were so useful - making it relevant - so more of these please."

"Daniel is an excellent communicator and clearly outlined the way a council comms strategy could properly engage with our community. The small number of participants made it much more personable, and hearing from participants in other places was very useful and inspiring."

November's looking even busier for our local council training programme. Here's a sneak preview of what's coming up:

  • Freedom of Information for Councils - 3rd Nov @ 09:30

  • Communicating with your community part 1: Creating a communications strategy- 9th Nov @ 09:30

  • Communicating with your community part 2: engaging with your community - 14th Nov @ 09:30

  • Crisis Communications for Local Councils - 22nd Nov @ 09:30

  • Councillors: Chairing Meetings - 23rd Nov @ 18:30

  • Data protection part 1: foundations and theories - 27th Nov @ 09:30

  • Councillors: Data Protection - 27th Nov @ 18:30

  • Canva part 1: getting started - 28th Nov @ 09:30

  • Get the most from local and regional media - 29th Nov @ 09:30

  • Dealing with difficult people and conversations in our local councils - 29th Nov @ 13:30

  • How councils can engage effectively with young people in their communities - 30th Nov @ 09:30

  • Canva part 2: advanced - 30th Nov @ 13:00

Discover more about our courses and make your bookings for November and beyond at:


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