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Civility and Respect Training Workshops


Breakthrough Communications is proud to deliver training and workshops as part of the Civility & Respect project. These courses are offered to local councils and cover a range of subjects.

Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

What does emotional intelligence and resilience mean in practice for Clerks, Council Officers and Councillors?


In this session we develop a better understanding of where our behaviour comes from and we’ll consider what resilience means for us in the context of our roles within the council.

There will be opportunities to explore role-focused scenarios and consider how we might respond to them. We’ll also explore strategies to deal with and manage a range of situations.

Leadership in Challenging Situations

Whether you are a Clerk, Officer or an elected Councillor, all of us take on leadership roles within our council and in the wider community.


We will consider different leadership styles in the context of your role at the council, exploring which styles we personally ‘default’ to and which styles can work effectively for different situations.  We will explore scenarios of different challenging situations we might face in our role, and discuss how we might deal with these effectively and appropriately. We will also discover how to build, support and get the most from an effective and motivated team.

Respectful and Positive Social Media

How can councils and councillors use social media effectively whilst staying safe online?


In this session we explore best practice for getting the most from social media, but ensuring you and your council remain protected. We consider what we sound like on social media and how we come across to others, what pre-emptive steps to take to get the most from social media and what to do if things go wrong.

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