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Meet Breakthrough Communications

Breakthrough communications is passionate about helping people and organisations to communicate effectively and compliantly.

We support organisations to communicate and engage with their communities, residents and partners. We support them with all aspects of community engagement as well as GDPR and FOI compliance. We’d love to see how we can better support you and your organisation. Book a free discovery call with us now.

We're proud to be NALC's partners for local council communications and compliance advice, support and services

Breakthrough Communications is pleased to partner with the National Association of Local Councils. We are NALC’s national partners for advice, guidance and services covering all aspects of parish and town council communications and engagement, as well as data protection and Freedom of Information.


We also work with and support more than 25 County Associations of Local Councils by providing council communications and compliance training to their member councils on a range of communications and compliance subjects.


We also support many hundreds of parish and town councils directly with all aspects of their communications, community engagement and GDPR and FOI compliance.

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