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Local councils and social media - be more like NASA?

A recent tweet from NASA

Don't worry, we're not talking about the astrophysics...

On their social media, NASA delights in sharing the treasures of the universe, showcasing our corner of a majestic room with its glittering chandeliers, its divine ceilings.

The concept of sharing something amazing with the world - just because you can - has enormous impact.

In NASA's case, sharing the nebulae, the comets, the astronauts, is more than a reminder of their existence - it's a celebration of it.

They visually showcase how organisation can share content effectively, by communicating what they do in an engaging, accessible way.

NASA has the hope that we will come away from their wonderful images with a little more understanding about something which was previously so obscure.

Local councils can learn from NASA's use of social media.

Here's how...

While the content being shared will differ (ever so slightly!) in terms of topic, the sentiment is very similar.

It's all about this simple concept of sharing, of making things accessible.

As well as celebrating the marvels of the universe, by simply sharing its content NASA is inviting people to celebrate the organisation itself, not just for pioneering the exploration of the universe's mysteries, but also for caring enough about humanity to share with it with the rest of us.

By taking the same approach, councils can show their care for their communities through the sharing information about the work of the council and the people that are part of the council.

I accept that they'll always be a need for councils to communicate urgent, important and time-sensitive information using social media. But... we can also take a leaf out of NASA's book when it comes to a council's approach to social media...

We should proactively and positively...

... Share.

... Explain.

... Inform.

... Educate.

... Celebrate.

... All because you can.

The feelings of value and inclusion that are inspired by the simple act of sharing information are invaluable.

For councils, it's all about building trust and breaking down barriers between the council and the community they serve. Sharing with residents in this way reminds them that not only do you exist, but you are a crucial part of their community.


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