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A Christmas present for every parish and town council

It's officially less than eight weeks until Christmas and the New Year. As Christmas is the season for goodwill and the giving of gifts, we have one for your parish or town council!

Here at Breakthrough Communications, we have put together a Christmas Communications Resource Pack, with more than 30 useful Christmas and New Year community engagement templates for your council can make use of - entirely for free!

Our Christmas Communications Resource Pack is one of many that comes as part of Council Hive, a service we provide to local councils that makes it easier for them to communicate and engage with their communities.

  • Suggested text for newsletters, website articles or social media posts regarding Christmas and the New Year

  • Canva templates for A5 Christmas cards

  • Canva template for ‘Office Closed’ social media posts

  • Canva template for Christmas greetings social media posts

  • Canva template for Happy New Year social media posts

Some of the resources will require your council to have a free Canva account. We have also included a guide to help you get the most from the pack.

Hopefully these resources will save your council a little bit of time and effort at this busy time of year.

Please get in touch if you have questions. One of our team of elves will only be too happy to help!


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