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Who for: Local councils wanting to save time and effort with communication and community engagement
When: Dates throughout Autum 2024 and beyond
Where: Venues near you, across the country (and online)

AI Summit for Councils:
Community Engagement and Communications Made Easy

We are delighted to invite your council to attend one of our 'AI for Councils: Community Engagement and Communications' Summit.

These unique events are tailored specifically for Local Councils who are looking to properly understand what the power of AI, particularly Generative AI, means for them, and how it can save them time and effort when it comes to community engagement and council communications.

Our day-long AI summits provide councils with practical insights into the ever-growing range of AI tools that can streamline internal operations and help improve internal and public council communication culture, and foster stronger community trust. We'll also demystify what Generative AI means for council information governance compliance.

This is an invaluable opportunity to learn from community engagement experts and gain vital hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, it's crucial for councils to stay ahead of the curve. By attending this summit, you'll ensure your council is equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively navigate the future of AI and what it means for community engagement.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to transform your council's approach, save time and effort, and make a lasting impact on your community. See you there?

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about our AI Summit for Local Councils

  • What is the AI for Councils Summit?
    The AI for Local Councils Summit focuses on educating local councils about the use of AI, particularly Generative AI, for community engagement and communications. It's a unique, one-day Masterclass designed to give to you the knowledge, skills and tools to hit the ground running with AI.
  • Who should attend the AI for Councils Summit?
    The AI for Councils Summit is designed for Clerks, Council Officers, Communication Officers, Councillors and anyone involved in community engagement within local councils, or anyone who has an interest in how AI can aide community engagement or communications.
  • What will I learn? How useful will it really be?
    You'll learn how to use AI tools that are relevant to the work of local councils, strategies and top tips for success, and how to implement an AI action plan in your council. The AI for Councils Summit is designed to be hands-on and applicable to real-world council scenarios. The Summit will provide actionable insights that can enhance your council's community engagement and communication strategies. You'll gain knowledge that can improve efficiency, save time and resources, and help your council stay ahead of the curve.
  • How much does it cost, and are discounts available?
    The ticket price is £197 per delegate, with discounts available for multiple attendees. This gives you access to one of our Summits, either in-person or online. All delegates also receive 12 months' access to our AI follow-up webinars and AI for councils bulletins.
  • Do councils really need to bother with AI right now?
    AI is rapidly transforming many sectors, including local government. Understanding its potential and implications can help you stay ahead and more effectively engage with your community more effectively. AI will ultimately save your council time and effort in all aspects of communications and community engagement.
  • Will this AI Summit be relevant to smaller councils?
    Yes, the content is tailored to be applicable to councils of all sizes, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the insights shared.
  • What if I can't attend in person?
    There are online sessions available, providing flexibility for those who cannot travel to the physical locations.
  • How will AI help with community engagement?
    AI can streamline communication processes, provide valuable insights from data, and enhance the overall efficiency of community engagement efforts.
  • What if I'm not tech-savvy?
    The summit includes practical, easy-to-understand sessions designed for all skill levels, ensuring that everyone can grasp the concepts and tools presented.
  • What if I don't have a budget for new technology?
    Many AI tools discussed are cost-effective or even free, and the summit will highlight ways to implement AI without significant financial investment.

AI Summit for Local Councils
Timings and Logistics

Here are all the details you need to prepare for attending one of the summit:

Dates and Venues
Our AI Summits take place in-person, at venues across the country, as well as online,  for those unable to attend in-person. Choose a date that suits you.

Event Timings

Whether you're attending online or in-person, all of these summits are timed as follows:

9:30am - Registration opens, refreshments served

10:00am - Session 1 - AI and Local Councils
11:15am - Morning Break, refreshments served
11:30am - Session 2 - AI and Community Engagement
12:30pm - Lunch provided
1:15pm - Session 3 - AI and Council Communications
2:15pm - Afternoon Break, refreshments served
2:30pm - Session 4 - Data Privacy and Ethics
3:30pm - Session 5 - Your AI Action Plan
4:00pm - Event ends 

Female Lecturer

An Open Letter to Local Councils

This is NOT a drill.
This new AI “thing” is NOT going away.




Its content does matter to your council.


Over the next 12 months:

  • AI will either hold your council back...


  • AI - especially Generative AI - will save your council time and effort, and empower you to engage even more effectively with the community

ChatGPT (which I’m sure you’ve heard of) is only the beginning.

Be under no illusion - the power, speed and increasing ability of AI will change the way local councils work. With this change comes challenges and opportunities.

The impact of AI will be way bigger than social media was, or has been. It is as significant as the arrival of computers and the internet itself.

There is no ‘undo’ button. No going back. AI will change virtually every part of our lives in the decade ahead. None of this is science fiction. It’s here. It’s here now.


Local councils of all shapes and sizes need to harness the power of AI. Especially the power of Generative AI when it comes to communicating and engaging with our local communities.


We need to make Generative AI work FOR local councils. Yet many councils are in danger of missing the true significance of AI. Don’t be one of them. Please.

Councils smart enough to pick up and effectively use the new tools on offer will save themselves significant time and effort, whilst fostering trust and increasing standing in the community.


These tools are not human - but they require humans to run. The good news is that AI does not have to be a technological challenge for local councils - it’s actually better and easier to exploit AI if you’re not a “techie” person. 


This is about opportunity – not about being a “techie”.

There are now hundreds of generative AI tools available - most of which you’ve probably never heard of. This means it can be really hard to know where to start, or which tools are actually helpful to your council.

That's why our AI for Councils: Community Engagement Summit will teach you everything you need to know to utilise and exploit the opportunity of Generative AI in your council.

This is an AI event designed exclusively for local councils.

If you don’t know anything about Generative AI – then this event is for you.

If you know just a little about Generative AI – then this event is STILL for you.


This unique, one-day event will open your mind to exciting and useful opportunities - and teach you how to exploit them within the constraints of the financial and human resources your council has.


For instance, you’ll discover:


  • The critical skill every local council must cultivate in the age of AI - don’t waste months dabbling and going down rabbit holes


  • How Generative AI tools are changing community engagement – and the three things your council MUST do to not get left behind

  • What you should NEVER ask or expect from ChatGPT... not now, nor any time in the immediate future

  • How you can use Generative AI to help you with everything from writing punchier press releases, creating more engaging content for social media, enhancing customer service engagement with residents, streamlining internal council communications, and more...

A LOT, LOT more…

I know this is a lot to absorb, but at our one-day event our team will break it down and give it to you in bite-size chunks – all from a 100% P-R-A-C-T-I-C-A-L perspective that you’ll be able to relate clearly back to your council.

There is nothing to hold you back – and you don’t need to be a techie to make it work for you. In fact - I repeat - it is actually an advantage NOT to have technical knowledge. Success with AI for local councils is about knowing HOW TO USE IT – not knowing how it works!


We have chosen to teach this stuff on a one-day LIVE event for two reasons:

#1. Generative AI is B-I-G stuff.

Generative AI arguably represents the most significant development in the community engagement landscape in any of our lifetimes. That means we need to eliminate distractions, extract ourselves from usual working environments, and focus on what AI means for your council.


This event isn’t about a few simple tactics. It’s about how you make the AI work FOR your council, not against you.


#2. Live events make it more useful for you


We think we are at our best when teaching live and you deserve our best with a topic of this magnitude. Anyone who has attended any of our live training events will tell you they are packed with practical, executable information.

Here’s how the event will stack up:


  • Understand how the tools work together - and where the BIG opportunities are

  • What are the tools you really need to use, and which ones are frankly rubbish

  • How to programme the tools for the best results for your council

  • The best uses of AI in community engagement automation

  • Latest council sector AI best practice

There is simply no doubt in my mind that this Generative AI council-specific event will sell out. So avoid disappointment and join us for one day in September.

I can’t emphasise enough that this is NOT a technical event - it is PERFECT  for total AI beginners. You don’t need any AI knowledge or experience to benefit.

Exploiting the enormous opportunities presented by AI is NOT a technical challenge. You’ll get everything you need at our AI for Councils: Community Engagement Summit.

Tickets for this unique event are just £197, with discounts for two or more tickets. All tickets include:

  • Access to one of our AI for Councils summits, either online or in-person.

  • Opportunity to network with other local councils over a delicious lunch, whilst enjoying refreshments throughout the day

  • Free copy of our Local Council Generative AI Resource Pack, including a copy of our AI toolkit and prompts file for use in your council

  • Free 12 months free access to our Local Council AI Best Practice training events on Zoom

Get your ticket NOW! You and your council won't be disappointed.


I hope to see you there!

Best wishes,

Daniel and the team at Breakthrough Communications

Dan Purchese - Director_edited.png

Secure your tickets for our AI for Local Councils Summit

AI for Councils: Community Engagement and Communications Made Easy summits are not to be missed. In order to provide high quality events, numbers are limited and will be offered on a strictly first-come, first-served basis.

All tickets include:

  • Full access to one of our in-person or online AI Summit events

  • Lunch and refreshments provided throughout the day (for in-person events)

  • Free Council Community Engagement and Communications AI Resource Pack for take away and implement in your council

  • Free 12 months access to our Zoom-based follow-up AI events for local councils

  • Free 12 months access to AI support bulletins


Event dates and venues:

  • Fri 13th September, Falmer (near Brighton)

  • Wed 25th September, Sevenoaks

  • Thu 10th October, Online Summit

  • Wed 16th October, Lifton A30 (Devon/Cornwall border)

  • Thu 17th October, Yeovil

  • Wed 6th November, Andover

  • Wed 20th November, Online Summit

  • Wed 27th November, Warwick

  • Wed 4th December, Online Summit

  • Thu 16th January, Cheltenham

  • More dates and venues for 2025 coming shortly...

Each summit, whether online or in-person runs from 10am to 4pm.​ Tickets are £197 per delegate, with discounts for multiple delegates attending.


What councils say about our workshops

An extremely well organised and structured workshop,
expertly led by Daniel."

Sarah Whitelaw

Daniel was extremely engaging and very informative... I can't recommend Breakthrough Communications highly enough. If you have the opportunity to attend their sessions, do it!

Charlotte Clarke

Daniel always delivers informative and engaging sessions! The content is well-structured, providing a comprehensive overview of the subject matter.


Excellent information and reassurance about entering into the world of using AI

Dominic Warner

Great courses on communications. Thorough and informative. Enjoyed break out groups for interesting chats with others to hear their ideas and what has worked in their councils.

Lesley Dalzell

Really clear, engaging, friendly and helpful training. Would definitely recommend, I learnt a lot from it and was able to use what I had learnt straightaway.


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